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Dr. Estralita Martin

Director, Center for the Advancement of Students in Academia
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, College of Sciences
Embryologist-Bone Development and Endocrinology

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I’m Dr. Estralita Martin, the director of the Center for the Advancement of Students in Academia, also known as CASA.

I welcome you to our website. As you adjust to the myriad of changes in your life and your academic careers, I along with the faculty and staff specifically associated with CASA want you to feel as though SDSU, the College of Sciences, the College of Engineering and CASA are your home away from home.

The various programs within the CASA are here to support you as you strive to reach your academic potential and goals. We are confident the accumulation of our joint efforts, yours combined with ours, will result in you achieving your best in the classroom, the laboratory and within the community.

As you peruse through the various programs you will notice CASA provides opportunities for you to participate in faculty, staff and peer mentoring throughout your tenure at SDSU; facilitated workshops to supplement what you are learning in select science and math courses; a writing tutor to help you fine tune your papers; faculty-led research in the biological sciences, behavioral sciences, engineering and physical sciences; research experience at national and international research institutions; travel to scientific meetings as well as doctoral degree granting institutions; free professional health planning; personal statement development workshops; and community service.

I’m confident with the aid of CASA your experience at SDSU will be life affirming.

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