San Diego State University Student Success Center
College of Sciences

The primary goals of the CoS Student Success Center (CoS SSC) are to enhance the educational experience and facilitate graduation for all students in the Sciences. We work towards these goals aiming to improve access to information, resources, and academic advising while providing structure and support to our department advisors. The CoS SSC provides FREE drop-in tutoring in a variety of courses required for science majors, we offer specialty advising in Research and Study Abroad opportunities as well as Professional Advising geared toward progressing the student through their major while working through possible academic obstacles. The CoS SSC is a welcoming, functional place where our Peer Mentors make strong connections with the freshman class offering guidance and insight into San Diego State University. For more information, contact Marisa Reynoso at or visit our website click on the calendar to view our detailed Free Drop-In Tutoring schedule.