Brittany Echols and Dr. Martin

Class of 2015 Brittany Echols and Dr. Estralita Martin

Under the CASA umbrella there are 16 distinct support programs which span the different departments in the College of Sciences as well as the College of Engineering. These programs collaborate to provide students with opportunities to tailor their education, and are as diverse as the students they serve. There are programs that provide support to  students in all educational level including transfer and graduate students.

In the majority of these programs, students apply and once accepted, start the program with faculty and students who share the same scientific interests. These support programs assist students in their academic and professional journey, and CASA relies on these 16 programs to achieve its mission.

Mission Statement

To promote the academic development of the next generation of underrepresented research scientists, health professionals and STEM educators. To achieve this mission, CASA provides to students opportunities to participate in faculty research, faculty and student mentoring, course enrichment workshops, travel to scientific meetings, travel to doctoral degree-granting institutions for future study, and research experiences at NIH, other research institutions and laboratories in foreign institutions.