The STEM Pathways Program

STEM Pathways. The STEM Pathways Program is a supportive mentored program committed to helping students navigate how to transition from community college to a 4-year university, explore STEM careers, and pursue a career that best fits their interests. The STEM Pathways program is built upon San Diego State University’s commitment to inclusive excellence and implements mentored and applied experiences for STEM majors. It begins at one of the partnering community colleges (Southwestern & San Diego City), continues through SDSU, and on to graduate school and/or STEM career path. With a target audience of Latinx students, STEM Pathways is committed to bridging the access gap for minoritized communities and increasing the number of Latinx STEM professionals entering the workforce. STEM Pathways is committed to cultivating a supportive environment to foster and grow a diverse community of STEM professionals while identifying and removing roadblocks to student transfer and post-transfer success. For more information email or visit our website: 

NextGen Smoke and Vape Free Latinx Scholars Program

The NextGen Smoke and Vape Free Latinx Scholars Program is a collaborative project between Southwestern College and San Diego State University focused on recruiting community college students from academically, economically, and/or socially disadvantaged backgrounds who are interested in Tobacco-related disease research, advocacy, and career-pathways. NextGen is part of a statewide initiative to develop a pipeline of dedicated tobacco control researchers and advocates. Students are eligible to apply for this program during the Fall semester of their final year at Southwestern College and are admitted into the program for a full calendar year (Spring, Summer, and the following Fall semester as a transfer student). Admitted students receive financial support and mentoring throughout their time in the program and complete a full-time summer research experience at SDSU and a tobacco control/advocacy internship with a community partner organization, in addition to required coursework and professional development activities. For more information contact or visit