Andy Lopez
Sociology, BA
Minor in Counseling and Social Change

Andy Lopez is a first-generation transfer student from Southwestern College. Where he received two associate degrees in liberal arts and sociology. Andy is the first-generation of Americans from his family. He is one of among six boys that belong to a single mother, who came to this country to give her children a better opportunity. Andy is a man that has been system impacted, but would not let his mistakes define the man that he will be in society. He is an example of what a second chance and education could do in the lives of those who never believe that higher education can impact their lives in a positive manner. Andy aspires to receive his PhD and become a professor. He has a desire to study and understand the systems we are currently in. Andy holds an Executive Board position in the Project Rebound Alliance. Project Rebound focuses on bridging the worlds of incarceration and higher education through student support programs, community outreach,

and interdisciplinary conversations across San Diego State University and beyond. Project Rebound also aims to bring together individuals who have not been impacted by the system and those who have, fostering collaboration to open doors for the future of both communities. Additionally, Andy is an active member of the Rock Church in Chula Vista. In his free time you can see Andy training dogs as he is a certified dog trainer and believes that dogs should be trained based on personality and not breed.

Original article by the Student Success Newsletter – March Edition