Story by:
Brittnie Bloom
IMSD-MBRS Program Manager

It has been another incredibly successful year for SDSU’s IMSD Program. We proudly say “see you later” to nine of our scholars, many of whom are headed off to pursue graduate study at impressive universities throughout the U.S. Commencement is always bittersweet: the students are dressed up proudly in the regalia they have earned during their time on campus. They are adorned in metals, ribbons, cords, and stoles in an assortment of colors, letters, and symbols. Their caps are decorated with glitter, quotes, or messages to their parents looking out at them from Aztec Arena. It’s a proud day for us all!

The IMSD Program would like to honor and recognize our nine graduating seniors.

Robert Vasquez
Mentor: Dr. Grotjahn
Fall 2016 Plans: Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Michigan


Bob Vasquez, bowtie of chem elements

Juan Peña
Mentor: Dr. Klonoff
Fall 2016 Plans: Taking his NSF Award to the University of New Mexico and starting his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

Theresa Morrison
Mentor: Dr. Curtis
Fall 2016 Plans: Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography at Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Megan Murphy
Mentor: Dr. Tong
Fall 2016 Plans: Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Washington

Diana Lee
Mentor: Dr. Luque
Fall 2016 Plans: Ph.D. in Computational Science at San Diego State University

Kevin White
Mentor: Dr. Sussman
Fall 2016 Plans: Ph.D. in Biology at Boston College
IMG_6852 copy

Karen Key
Mentor: Dr. Vaughn
Fall 2016 Plans: M.A. in Psychology at San Diego State University

Andres Bermudez
Mentor: Dr. Doran
Fall 2016 Plans: Potential PostBac opportunity

Carlos Brambila
Mentor: Dr. Paolini
Fall 2016 Plans: One year internship, then starting Ph.D. in Bioengineering at UT Southwestern


Seniors of 2016, always remember – you are an Aztec for life. Onward and upward, adventure is out there!