Alexis Romero

Name: Alexis Romero
Program: MARC
Major: Physics
Mentor: Fridolin Weber, Ph.D.
Research Area: Non-Spherical Models of Compact Stars.
Personal Website:

Alexis Romero was appointed as a MARC fellow June 2014. Her major is Physics with a minor in Mathematics. She is currently conducting research in the Computational Physics Research Lab, under the direction of Dr. Fridolin Weber. Her most recent research project is focused on the study of non-spherical stellar models of compact stars. Alexis plans to continue her scientific career by pursuing a Ph.D. in physics with an emphasis in astrophysics. Her future research includes theoretical astrophysics and cosmology. Alexis is also interested in computational physics. She plans to continue developing her skills as a physicist, a mathematician, and as a computer programmer, and to successfully combine them in her future research projects.